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Automatizari pentru utilaje si masini

Together with the standard KUHNKE control systems, such as the Ventura industrial PC or the Ventura Remote PLC compact control system, the ConditionPro monitoring system from KUHNKE allows condition-based and predictive maintenance. All machine data are logged continuously and saved in a web-based database. The user can access this at any time and get an overview of the machine's current condition. The data are automatically compared with the target values that were recorded on commissioning, enabling not only an analysis but also a prediction in terms of servicing or maintenance. So unplanned downtimes are a thing of the past, as the work required can usually be performed during a planned changeover time. Apart from that, because of the precise fault description the service technician can repair the machine again on his first call
Funktion Ventura touch Panel
Display Type TFT 6,5 '' with backlight
Video interface DVI
Brightness 400 cd/m²
Life time of backlight 50.000 h
Resolution VGA, 640 x 480
Touch type Analog Resistive
Touch interface USB
Front Protection category IP 65
Supply voltage 24 V DC -15% +20%
Ambient temperature 0 ... 50°C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 200mm x 165mm x 50mm

Setting of engine fan speed in order to achieve the optimum thermal operating point of the combustion engine.

The engine control unit sets the default reference value via a serial interface. The unit can diagnose short-circuits, excessive loads, mechanical stiffness, excess temperature etc.

Speed offset to prevent vibrancy problems possible.

The unit is used for requirements-based activation of the fuel pump.

A PWM signal (frequency approx. 20 kHz) is transmitted to the fuel pump's DC motor via an output stage. The output pulse-duty factor is calculated according to an input pulse-duty factor at the PWM input.

The rear view camera features a wide-angle lense and automatically opens underneath the rear window when the reverse gear is activated.

The image is shown on the navigation system's display. Large and bulky SUVs are thus much easier to maneuver.

After shifting into forward gear and at a speed of 15 km/h the camera automatically slides back into a cover, varnished in the same colour as the car.